Security Of DNA Testing; What You Need To Know

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Should You Worry About Security of Information?

When I attended a Precision Medicine lecture a year ago, the panelists spoke to DNA security and the fear a large part of the population has of it.† Is this fear valid?

With the exposure of deals that Ancestry, 23andMe, for example, have made with big pharma and companies like Proctor and Gamble to sell your DNA results for your research, it is completely understandable that people are worried.

In anticipation of Precision Medicine, the Provincial Health System where I live put in place enough secure DNA storage capacity for every person living here but it sits virtually empty. Why?† This is the future of medicine, so why wouldn’t people be willing to do it?† First and foremost, it isn’t a business in Canada like it is in the United States and second, people have fear about having their information in storage.† As it happens, this fear isn’t necessary.

At the lecture, an Artificial Intelligence Professor and member of the Precision Medicine team stated that when handled properly, DNA data is completely secure and safe.† In fact, he went on to say, if someone wants data on you, a simple hack of a smart phone is of greater risk than properly secured DNA data.† Bottom line, properly stored data is safer and more secure than our smart phones.

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How Can DNA Data Be Kept Secure?

HIPAA compliance and storage under a bar code instead of a name are the top two ways to keep your information secure.

HIPAA Compliance states

“HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. Any company that deals with protected health information (PHI) must ensure that all the required physical, network, and process security measures are in place and followed.”

Read more about HIPAA Compliance here.

It is imperative that HIPAA compliance is in place to ensure that your data is never shared or sold; it is illegal to do so.

Using bar codes rather than names as an identifier, means an individuals name will never be on the swab or sample when it goes to the lab. If a swab or sample is lost or misplaced in mail transit, your name does not need to be, nor should it be on the sample.† Samples should be registered in a system that is separate from the lab, with a bar code. The only identifying information about you visible at he testing lab should be in bar code form. This provides an extra layer of protection to each individual.†


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Are There Secure At Home DNA Kits?

If you’re thinking that with 23andMe, Ancestry and Helix you are not secure, you’re right.† They have been selling customer data and it is no longer a secret.† There have been hundreds of millions of dollar deals for the information!† Read more about it here.† A simple google search will give you many more articles like this.

The good news is that yes, there is a secure DNA at home test new to the marketplace.† The information collected is on “Actionable” genes exclusively.† The video below will show you the process.† Uforia Science is HIPAA Compliant and will never sell your DNA information to anyone.† The sample is destroyed after the test is complete.††


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More Information

If you’d like to read more about Uforia Science and “Actionable” genes testing click†here,†or read previous blog posts.† This is next level DNA testing with information that isn’t just good to know and interesting but, information that you can do something about.† Precision Nutrition falls under the Precision Medicine umbrella and is available to you with a secure and accurate at home DNA test.† Precision nutrition will help your body address issues that may show up out of the blue in years to come, thus helping you be pro-active about your health and well being.

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I’d love to answer any questions about this one of a kind product.† Simply click the button or drop me a comment and I’ll help in any way I can.

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Iím a retired Geologist, equestrian, married mother of two grown kids and numerous animals.† I received my BSc in 1985 and enjoyed working in the Oil business for many years before deciding to stay home and raise my family full time.

I never really gave much thought about nutritional challenges before I had children.† Iíll make a very long story short; after many years of our Doctor treating symptoms (not good enough for me), after trying to get to the bottom of issues with private testing, Naturopaths, expensive supplements (that were given hoping theyíd help but it was a guessing game), and my own research we have a better handle on the causes but are still treating unresolved symptoms.† Suffice it to say, the many, many thousands of dollars that have been spent are still a source of frustration especially when the problems hadnít been completely resolved.

I recently went to a University lecture by a prominent team of doctors, including an oncologist and internist, a nutritional specialist and an artificial intelligence specialist. It was on Precision Medicine.† They each spoke about the power of DNA helping put together an accurate picture for individual recommendations and treatments.† A huge lightbulb went off and I hoped eventually an affordable DNA test to help pinpoint the sources of physical ailments would be developed. Iíve spent enough time frustrated and worried!

Fast forward to when my trusted friend Tina ran this opportunity by me. Back to my research to make sure the science was solid and that a good team of physicians was working behind the scenes.† I could not find a reason not to press ahead and join the Uforia Science Team.† I thought, finally, this is the best chance to finally get an answer.† So here I am, moving forward. If Iím able to help a family member or a friend or help myself by nipping any issues in the bud, Iím very excited!

This company is backed and run by a reputable, successful team and as a distributor, the training being offered is unparalleled!† Iím currently building my team if youíd like to join this amazing opportunity thatís still in itís launch phase.† I truly believe this is the answer people are looking for to optimize their health.† For more information go ahead andclick here, send me an email or check the blog posts.

Are you ready for your personal DNA profile and your unique vitamin, mineral and herb supplement program as a customer or to spread the word as a distributor?† Iíd love to hear from you.


7 thoughts on “Security Of DNA Testing; What You Need To Know”

  1. It’s crazy that so many of what we see advertised via mainstream outlets are out to sell your information to others, especially with the number of dollars now involved in such industry. It’s a scary thought, really. It’s good that there are honest companies out there, like Uforia Science and Actionable Genes that won’t try to sell your data to make an extra profit.

    1. Thanks for your comment Todd. What gets me is that ultimately the customers of Ancestry etc., are ultimately paying to have their data sold. Sadly, many people did not know they were doing this until it was too late. I believe the latest deal was a $300 million sale!

  2. Great post Sydney! Iīve read about the growing popularity of DNA home tests recently (especially those negative sides like finding out my dad isn’t my dad :D). But I never thought that there is this huge data selling business underneath! Wow..

    1. Oh boy Eva, that’s not the best way of finding out that information!

      Yes, I’m very proud of the security of data with Uforia because it is not the norm in the DNA industry!

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