Q and A With Our Scientific Advisory Board

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Who Are They?

At the Uforia pre-launch conference in January we were introduced to our Scientific Advisory Board.

They are wide and varied in their fields of specialty and a fascinating group to listen to. For their full bio’s I have them posted on my Facebook page DNA Global with Sydney and while you’re there, go ahead and follow as I post regular updates.


Here are the top most frequently asked questions to members of the team.

  1. Why is Uforia only testing for 18 SNiPs? We test Actionable Snips only. Only1% of Snips in the body are actionable and although we don’t cover all of them yet we will be adding more as research allows.
  2. Do I need to repeat the test? No; Snips don’t change, your genes are your genes.
  3. Does the test measure deficiencies? No, we are looking at weaknesses in the body to be supported. Deficiencies are measured with a blood test which is a snap shot in time.
  4. Do I still need to take my old supplements on top of Uforia? If you’re under a Dr. supervision you need to discuss it with them. If not, look at your ingredients and make a decision. Uforia will replace the vast majority for the vast majority.
  5. How do I know if it’s working? You may or may not “feel” a difference, that is very individualized. What we can tell you is that these are scientifically proven ingredients proven to help your body do what it’s supposed to. Some vitamins can make you feel worse if you take too much (B vitamins).
  6. What’s the difference between synthetic vs natural? Synthetics have exactly the same structure and biochemical effect (bio-identical) that’s found in our bodies in nature. Chemists make it in a lab (example Vitamin B12) in large doses to make it more readily available. They key is in taking vitamins and supplements in the right form. Staying with Vitamin B12; there are three types of B12 and Uforia gives the right one in active form that doesn’t need to be broken down before it can get in the cell to use it; it is highly bioavailable.
  7. Does Uforia testing show diseases? No, this test does not look for disease patterns. It does however tell you if you have snips that could influence neurological, gastro intestinal and cardio-vascular health. The supplements provide raw materials for the body’s optimum function protecting it from what “could happen”? The body gets what it needs, where it’s weak to be able to do what it’s supposed to do.
  8. Is my information secure or will it be sold like Ancestry or 23 and Me? The information is 100% secure. When you submit your swab to the lab your name is not on it, you are assigned a bar code when your pack is registered. After your analysis is complete your swabs are destroyed. Uforia is also HIPAA compliant and the lab is CLIA certified so customers can be assured that their data is handled with the utmost in security compliance and will never be sold. The aforementioned tests that have sold customer data are not and have never been HIPAA compliant. As a side note, you can read more about security in the Security of DNA testing blog post.

Did we miss anything? Do you have more questions? If you do, please reach out and ask; if I don’t know the answer I can contact our fabulous team for answers.

Yours in health,


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