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At home genetics testing kits have never been more popular. In fact, for the last couple of years kits from Ancestry and 23&Me have been the number one Christmas Gift. is cool to find out where you came from, to track your ancestry and find long lost relatives. I personally know of amazing stories of previously unknown family members being located which is awesome! 23&Me offers ancestry tracking as well as health disposition and wellness reports. If you want to know about potential health problems this is definitely one way to go but after the results it’s left up to you, once the report is read, to take the next steps on your own.

What if you could leverage your genetic information to optimize your health and performance with a program custom made for you? This is what’s new in at home genetic testing and it can chart a path giving your body exactly what it needs at a cellular level to function optimally.?

The Science Of Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenomics is defined as the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regards to the prevention or treatment of disease. Also called nutrigenetics, it studies the relationships between genes, diet, and health outcomes.

To put it in perspective, let’s look at two women same age, same diet and the same exercise plan. Woman number one struggles with her weight but woman number two has no trouble. In fact, if they both have a junk food filled weekend woman number one will have trouble buttoning her jeans on Monday while woman number two will notice no change. Why is that? The answer to this could very likely lie in their genetic makeup, this is what nutrigenomics studies. In this case, variants on the healthy weight management genes in woman number one could provide the answers. If variants exist, inherited by one parent or both parents, there is a likelihood that they do not function optimally. The good news is that these genes are “actionable” which means variants can be mitigated with proper nutrition.

Nutrigenomics information is not available with 23&Me. The closest they get to looking at your nutritional needs is having to upload your data to a separate App that provides personal health coaching. There is a better way and it has been 24 years in development.

Personalized Nutrition Based On Your Unique Profile

In 2008, The University of California-Berkeley stated

“As DNA sequencing becomes cheaper, it will become common for people to have their complete genomes sequenced. Personal genomes will not only tell people about genetic susceptibility to cancer and heart disease, but it will also tell them which vitamins and how much can improve their health. A new study shows genes can be tuned up with vitamins, suggesting that one day we all may take personalized vitamin supplements.”

In 1995, our scientists had already started working on this! Over time, they developed a proprietary analysis algorithm that takes a specific DNA analysis and formulates a nutrition plan custom to you from almost 100 plant based, peer reviewed, White Papered ingredients.

We have a HIPAA Compliant and CLIA Certified lab that mixes each person’s unique formula with specific ingredients that will mitigate genetic variants as well as give daily nutritional requirements. Watch this video to see how it’s done!

What Genes Are Actionable With Nutrition?


Biology of the cell and DNA with Overview of Actionable Genes

The genes listed in the graphic above are “actionable” with specific formulas in medical grade dosage down to the milligram. The potential ingredients for your formula as well as other useful information can be found on the Q and A page, to access it click here.

As you can see from the genes analyzed, the information is valuable and the health issues that could stem from variants cover everything from mitochondrial health to inflammation. Important information as it can impact our current day to day life or turn up as issues down the road. For me, the best news is I don’t need a dietician to guide me through the process. The report that comes with your analysis summary is 35 pages long and can help guide you through your health journey. Also available to customers are videos on each genetic SNP that you may have and, on top of that our geneticist picks one hour a week to discuss the genes and how they impact our health and work together. It’s interesting stuff!

Watch this video to get more information about the genetic report delivered to your inbox.

You Decide What’s Best For You

If you are looking for ancestry information then 23&Me and Ancestry is the way to go. If you’re wanting information about whether you carry the BRCA gene, are genetically predisposed to Parkinson’s or late onset Alzheimer’s Disease then go with 23&Me. Keep in mind that if security of your information is important, I would steer clear of both of these companies. The fine print shows that they can sell your data and they have for tens of millions of dollars for pharmaceutical research.

I personally have no desire to know if I carry a genetic mutation for Parkinson’s and I also strongly feel that these tests should be done in consultation with a medical professional as hearing devastating news on your own could be overwhelming.

Security of my information is also critical as I have no desire to have my genetic material or information sold to the highest bidder. With Uforia I found a HIPAA Compliant analysis which means it’s illegal for the results or data to be sold and my sample was destroyed immediately after use.

I wanted to know that my supplements were fresh and contained exactly what they said was in them. All too common in the vitamin industry are supplements not meeting standards. With Uforia I found a lab that is CLIA and CAP certified and, a sample of each batch is kept for two years for future analysis. The ingredients are also NSF and NSF Sport Certified.

The analysis and information I wanted is what many Functional Medicine Practitioners look into (for hundreds of dollars) but at a much more reasonable analysis price of $99. What can I do today by way of supplementation that gives me exactly what I need for my cellular health? I wanted to fill the cracks in my foundation even though I was not particularly symptomatic for anything, yet. What I did find out was that I had many variants inherited from my parents that could cause me trouble down the road if I wasn’t careful. I live a healthy lifestyle but it’s also busy and I feel good knowing that I have everything I need in my daily supplement. Let’s be real, life gets in the way of eating everything we should everyday.

The choice is yours, and you have many choices depending on what your goal for information is. If you would like more information on Uforia you can always contact me by comment and I will get in touch.

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