Healthy Weight, Healthy Heart, Healthy Inflammation, What Do You Think Your DNA Looks Like?

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What did you inherit?

We Inherit our genetic blueprint from our parents. Our genes determine hair colour, eye colour, height, weight and a number of other traits we cannot change. All the variance in our genetic code determines how our bodies are put together. The variations are commonly referred to as SNP’s, Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, or Snips. The Snips that define the characteristics mentioned above are “Unactionable” meaning we can’t do anything about them. There are, however, “Actionable” Snips relating to our health that we can do something about. Read more about Snips click here.

Now that you know about “Actionable” Snips in your genes, are you wondering what DNA Snips you’ve inherited from your parents? The Uforia Science DNA test will tell you about the gene Snips below and whether you inherited from one or both of your parents. Now, imagine being able to supplement your body for these Actionable Snips.

What Do You Struggle With?

Maybe you struggle with your weight or you find your body has a hard time dealing with inflammation or gut health. These can be incredibly frustrating if you take care of yourself with diet and exercise and feel like you’re stuck. It’s possible that there could be an answer genetically and the best news is you might not have to stay that way. If you have Snips (shown above) in these actionable genes there may be nutritional help for you! We call this designer nutrition.

Imagine if you’ve struggled with your weight all your life and you find you’ve inherited the Fat Mass Gene Snip from your parents. Now imagine the possible benefit of supplements that are customized to your individual genetic profile. The Uforia geneticist explains it best and to see more video explaining the “actionable” genes click here.

What If You Don’t Have To Suffer?

You may have an issue that manifests itself on a day to day basis and you may have a family history of issues lurking below the surface that hasn’t affected you yet. What if supplementation that is customized to you and only you could help you? What if you could be pro-active with things like high blood pressure and possibly avoid taking medication down the line? Precision Medicine for complex medical issues are using genetics to help find the best treatments for patients (click here for articles),precision nutrition uses genetic information to help the body do what it should be doing naturally. Precision medicine genetics is very expensive and is done only through doctors whereas precision nutrition genetics can be done with an inexpensive test you order to your door followed by your personal formulation.

What if, you could use the newest in cutting edge nutrition research to feel better and be pro-active with your health?

I’d love to answer any questions about this one of a kind product. Simply click the button or drop me a comment and I’ll help in any way I can.

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