Healthy Immune System And Your Genetics

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The IL6 Gene and Your Immune System

IL 6, Interleukin 6 is our Healthy Immune System gene. It’s an actionable gene and an Actionable Gene and an inflammation on switch. Interleukin 6 is a well-known pro-inflammatory cytokine. IL-6 turns on our inflammatory cytokine response in response to infection, trauma and it actually attracts other immune cells, helping combat infection. SNiPs on the IL6 gene can cause chronically increased levels of IL6 which increases the susceptibility to viral and other infections. Not familiar with what a SNiP is? I explain it in this earlier blog post.

Here’s a list of the issues that can present with SNiPs on the IL6 Gene:

  • Increased susceptibility to viral and other infections
  • Can cause an increase in blood sugar levels if IL6 is too high. It has an effect on the liver actually releasing glucose.
  • It has an effect on gut health: think IBS.
  • If we are under stress cortisol levels rise as does blood pressure (also associated with CYP11B2, the healthy blood pressure gene) and so does IL6, which then increases the risk of viral and other infections. Turning inflammation on when it’s needed is a good thing but it also needs to know when to go away.
  • Snips in IL6 are also associated with diseases that include diabetes, artherosclerosis and Alzheimers disease, autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis.
  • IL6 is partially produced by fat cells and often show increased levels in obese people which can help explain why those that are obese, have diabetes or autoimmune disorders are more susceptible to viruses and infection.
  • It crosses the blood brain barrier and can lead to increased body temperature.

What To Do If We Have SNiPs on IL6

Check out my earlier blog post about foods that help to Boost Your Immune System, these foods are a great place to start! Proper supplementation is also important to help tame the IL6 SNiP beast. We use Organic Turmeric Root Extract. Turmeric is argued to be the most powerful herb on the planet when it comes to fighting and potentially reversing disease. It is vast, can do many things and is heavily researched. There are over 12,500 peer reviewed articles. It is long known for its medicinal properties and, it is the major source of polyphenol curcumin. Turmeric aids in oxidative stress and inflammatory conditions; things like metabolic stress, arthritis, anxiety, hyperlipidemia, exercise induced muscle soreness and it helps enhance recovery potential. Used for decades, it is not new to science and medicine; it is the most effective anti-inflammatory compound in the world, studies have shown. It is also shown to improve systemic markers, decrease oxidative stress, increase serum activities of superoxides. Turmeric impacts many other biochemical pathways. It blocks the activation of a pathway that will increase our inflammatory response in a non-healthy way. Finally, turmeric is also known to block virus stimuli, environmental toxins, cigarette smoke, uv radiation and high blood sugars.

How Much Do You Take?

How much to take or what dosage of turmeric you should be taking totally depends on you. Do you have SNiPs on your IL6 Gene?  If your IL6 is functioning normally versus having inherited a SNiP from one parent or two will determine the dosage required. Make sure that the test is HIPAA Compliant, that way your data will never be shared or sold to a third party. We package the test with a 30 day cellular cleanse called Pre-Trition BUT, if you’d just like to do the test I can send one your way on it’s own. The test is $99.95 for a limited time, drop a request in the comments.

In good health,

Sydney Macleod

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