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Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics, what is it and why is this at the forefront of study in the health world?? Both impact our genetics; environment and genetics play a huge role in our health and health as we age.

What’s The Difference Between Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics?

The differences between Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics are clear.  Epigenetics studies how our environment and how the environment of our ancestors may play a role in our genetic make up.  This not only includes nutrition but also stress, hardship and the level of happiness.

Nutrigenomics is the study of our actionable genes and how nutrition can be used to impact our genetic expression.  We have all inherited SNP’s or variants from our parents which can impact our health today and as we age.  Nutrigenomics takes the results of our genetic analysis and uses the data to determine what nutrients are needed to modify the expression of, or compensate for, the genes that have SNPs.

One of our Advisory Board, Joel Guerin, explains it this way:

When someone discusses environmental influence on genes, they are generally referring to what?s known as epigenetics. However epigenetics is often misunderstood.

The Uforia program addresses a lot more than just epigenetics. SNPs are physical variations of genes (variations in the position of certain nucleotides), not necessarily environmental factors that increase or decrease the expression of genes.

Some gene SNPs simply limit that genes ability to perform its function efficiently, such as the VDR gene. One SNP on the VDR gene reduces the body’s ability to process vitamin D3 significantly, and two SNPs double that inefficiency. There isn’t an environmental cause here. It?s simply structural. Since people with this SNP tend to benefit from support of healthy bone density, our program adds not only vitamin D3 to that formula, it also adds co-factors calcium and K vitamins.

Another example is the case of the MTHFR SNP looked for in this program, where the body doesn’t reduce folate to an active, methylated form. Or the NQ01 SNP where the body doesn’t reduce ubiquinone to ubiquinol, etc. In these instances the program adds the ingredient that will benefit the health and wellbeing of the individual.

Other gene SNPs in the program alter the function of genes in other ways, where we add ingredients to: support detoxification of environmental pollutants in response to SNPs on the EPHX1 gene, ingredients that support healthy blood pressure in response to SNPs on the CYP11B2 gene, ingredients that support healthy lipid levels in response to SNPs on the PON1 gene, etc.

Many of our ingredients may support genes in an epigenetic fashion, influencing their expression by changing the chemical environment of those genes, while other ingredients support our health simply by adding or substituting something our bodies don’t produce well on their own.

All of the genes, the SNPs, the potential benefits, and ingredients selected are all scientifically validated. A complete description of all genes, SNPs, and ingredients will be forthcoming on the website soon.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended to establish the prevention, cure, or treatment of any medical condition or disease.

At Uforia we evaluate 18 Actionable Genes that cover mitochondrial function, healthy lipid support, healthy inflammatory response, healthy blood pressure, detoxification, healthy weight management, Vitamin B12 absorption, oxidative stress, healthy immune system, homocysteine folate, CoQ10 energy, lipid oxidation support, free radical defence and Vitamin D receptor.

What Can You Do About Your Genetics?

If you are currently taking supplements purchased off the shelf you may want to consider whether or not you’re taking exactly what you need. You could be wasting money on supplements that aren’t effective for you.  Family history plays a huge part in our overall well being and genetics is the foundation. A simple at home test can answer these questions for you and your security will never be compromised as we are HIPAA Compliant.

Always happy to answer questions you may have and if I don’t have the answer, one of our brilliant scientists or doctors will help me to help you; simply drop a comment and I’ll get back to you!

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