Can Our DNA Defects Be Fixed With Vitamins and Minerals?

The power of genetic sequencing has been made clear over the years. It is now possible to determine if a person is carrying a “cancer” gene, to identify if a person has genetic mutations for diseases like Parkinson’s or, to formulate medication based on a genetic sequence. What is most fascinating to me however, is the ability to determine what genetically a person requires by way of vitamins and minerals to mitigate the effects of defects in our DNA.  I’ve used “defects” simply because it’s a term relatable to the reader. I prefer “variants” because that is exactly what they are. Variants make us who we are from eye colour to the gene that doesn’t function optimally.

What Genetic Defects Are We talking About?

Take a look at your parents. Do you see any health related issues that might be genetic? I’m not talking about cancer and Parkinson’s, I’m talking about high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, inflammation issues, poor gut health.  Perhaps you’re noting some cognitive decline as your parents age into their 80’s? You’re young and you don’t have to worry about that right? Actually, now is the best time to be proactive with your health.

What Does Being Proactive Mean Exactly?

Take a look at the list above. These actionable genes have been in research by our science team for 24 years. What actionable means is that any variant inherited from our parents will affect the gene function and efficiency but this can be mitigated by the proper combination of vitamins and minerals sourced primarily from an array of whole foods. Close to 100 ingredients have been tested and the results have all been White Papered.

While for years medical schools taught very little in the way of nutrition, now Stanford, Harvard and UC Berkeley have all realized the potential of using specific nutrients to mitigate SNPs or variants in our genes that caused them not to function optimally.? You can read UC Berkeley’s findings in this article, it speaks to exactly what we do.

The genes above are what we refer to as “heavy hitters”. We call them that because they encompass the whole body and can cause us serious issues issues today or down the road.

For example, if your body does not utilize and absorb vitamin B’s you could have issues with gut health or mental health. If your body does not use Vitamin D effectively you are at risk for bone loss. If your inflammatory response doesn’t function properly you could end up with joint pain, be susceptible to type 2 diabetes or mental impairment down the road. This is a very brief and simplistic description of what a few of the genes do but I’m hoping that you get the picture, There is more information in my blog that explains some of the genes in more detail.

How Do We Find Out Where We Stand?

A simple swab test is where you start. The “heavy hitters” are analyzed and if you choose, your custom supplement prepared. As I mentioned previously, there are almost 100 ingredients used to mitigate the genes. I personally have around 70 ingredients in mine which is why I love that the supplement is made for me and I don’t have to juggle all of the ingredients. Our formula also contains some proprietary ingredients that you can’t buy at the store, so there’s that as well. It’s just as interesting to talk about at your next dinner party as ancestry but the knowledge and custom designed supplements will help you everyday!

As always, I’m here for questions and the best thing to do is drop a comment.

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