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Hi everyone,

Are you an athlete that wants to be able to give the best you’ve got? Are you wanting better mental clarity, physical recovery, endurance and performance? Is your focus maximizing your overall health?
Does it frustrate you when, despite your healthy habits and lifestyle, you still have trouble recovering from a workout or competition? Perhaps getting your weight and body fat to optimum levels is a challenge. Does fatigue get in the way of your life?
Have you taken supplements you saw recommended by Dr Oz or by your friend that said it “worked for me” but it didn’t do a thing for you? Have you scoured the local GNC or online stores looking for the right formulation that did nothing to help you? You’ve ended up frustrated, discouraged and mad at the money wasted, I get it. Here’s the thing, you need to know exactly what your body needs. Your needs are going to be different from your training partner or team.
How would you feel if you could go to bed at night, sleep well and wake up refreshed and ready to go? Would you like to have quicker recovery times and have better energy? How would you feel if your stress level dropped and your mood improved? How would it feel if your gut health improved dramatically? Would it feel good to not have the afternoon lag and sugar cravings that have been your “normal” for far too long? Would it be ok if you could literally hack into your body and get the answers you seek?
The science behind the answers you’re looking for is nutrigenomics. It studies the interactions between your genes and nutrients. You see, the problems you’re experiencing may not be your fault, it could be in the genes. There are “actionable genes” that can be supplemented for variants that cause the genes to not function properly. These variants can be mitigated by proper nutrition, custom formulated from almost one hundred vitamins, minerals and whole food ingredients. Twenty years in development, White Paper verified, ingredients chosen and blended to the microgram is the answer to having your body do what it should do to perform its best. It is incredibly difficult to get exactly what we need from healthy food choices alone and there is no longer a need to blindly pick a supplement off the shelf.
I’m passionate about clients finding out how their body works and what may be a genetic predisposition for a variety of ailments. Your genetic report is 35 pages long but I offer all my clients a bonus. Hours of interviews with a geneticist have been compiled and as a free service to my customers I will use this information to dig deeper into your report one on one if desired.
Your best self is waiting for you. Find out where your body is lacking in vitamin absorption and ability to detox and handle oxidative stress. Find out how your body handles inflammation and if you have optimal mitochondrial function. There are 18 genes tested so you’ll have a comprehensive report that’s easy to read, emailed directly to you followed by a custom supplement formulation created for you and only you.
There is so much to share about this science. Would you’d like more information? BOOK A FREE 20 MINUTE INFORMATION PHONE CONSULTATION  find out if this is for you. I look forward to speaking with you.
In good health,